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OVERLAYS Interiors & Exteriors

One of the most popular ways to rejuvenate existing concrete. We create a new integrally colored, hand finished, consistent concrete surface. This can be done over chipped, stained & mismatched slabs.

Micro Custom Color Polished Concrete FloorMicro Satin Polished Concrete FloorMicro Polished Floor and Hearth

Micro Dolphin Polished Concrete FloorMicro Delorian Polished Concrete FloorWhite Epoxy Floor Overlay for Kitchen

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STAINING Interiors & Exteriors

This process permeates the concrete with translucent tones bringing out each slabs unique character. No two jobs are ever alike.

Stained Polished Concrete FloorStained Concrete Outdoor Walkway Stained driveway concrete overlay

Stained Garage Concrete FloorStained Home Concrete FlooringStained Office Concrete Floor

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Typically the most inexpensive process with all the same prep. work and finish as our other processes. Much like a stain but the coloring is dictated by the composition and history of the concrete.

Grind and Seal Trenching Grind and Seal TrenchingHistoric Restoration

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True Polish:

We achieve a naturally refined glossy finish by using planetary diamond grinding machines. This takes several progressive steps to finish a high gloss hardened surface.Color dyes can be infused into the concrete during the process also. This is the most durable finish and most appropriate for industrial applications.

Industrial Flooring Polished and Sealed Concrete FloorPolished and Sealed Grocery Store Concrete FloorPolished Natural Concrete Floor

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